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This is the official website for Fuzzy Death Machine, a Dance Metal project created in 2014 by myself: Bryce Kain of the metal band A Fallen Mind.

If you've found your way here, it's probably because of either my tweets, my music, or I owe you five bucks (please send all angry emails here.)

Whatever the case, welcome.

Enjoy the ride.

ABOUT THE ARTIST (i.e: a fun-filled opportunity for me to write in 3rd person)

Fuzzy Death Machine is what Bryce Kain calls "Dance Metal," a mix of electronic dance music elements, aggressive vocals, and lots of hard rocking guitar. Inspired by old school bands like Ministry and Skinny Puppy,  Fuzzy Death Machine is also sample-heavy, incorporating different elements to enhance the journey with each song (all samples are pre-purchased/free-and-clear or created in-house.) Sample styles range from R&B and Hip Hop to old school public domain movies.

Bryce Kain has been creating music of various kinds ever since he can remember. A resident of California, Bryce has provided vocals and music over several decades for many projects, most notably the heavy metal band A Fallen Mind which has worked on songs with such names as Nine Inch Nails and Ministry. A Fallen Mind has also appeared in film and tv, including Rude Tube in the U.K.
Fuzzy Death Machine was inspired by, and has been compared to, the following bands:
The Prodigy KMFDM Skinny Puppy Front 242 Ministry
My Life with the
Thrill Kill Kult
Hanzel Und
Nine Inch Nails Rob Zombie Static X
Friday the 13th Game Demo
Game: Friday the 13th
Song: Dead Alive (Fuzzy Death Machine)
Purpose: Fan-made video

This song is a good example of the type of music coming soon by FDM. All music and video editing by me. All video, images, intellectual copyrights, etc belong to their respective owners. I only own the music. Neither the creators of this game, nor the creators/owners of the Friday the 13th franchise, endorse this video or anything by Fuzzy Death Machine.

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©2017 Fuzzy Death Machine
Where are you online?

Fuzzy Death Machine:

A Fallen Mind:
Facebook Official Web
Youtube Facebook
Twitter Youtube
Reverbnation iTunes
  Tower Records
Are you signed to a label?
No, neither Fuzzy Death Machine nor A Fallen Mind are signed to a label.
Where can I buy your stuff?
Fuzzy Death Machine A Fallen Mind
Coming soon. iTunes
  Google Play
  Tower Records
  Xbox Music (Groove)
  Playstation (Spotify)
and many other stores.
When will you have new songs?
Currently I am working on a full set list, including covers, and narrowing down songs for an album and music videos. So, short answer: soon-ish?
Who is that dog?
That is my dog Ewok (aka: The Woogy, aka: The Wakka.) He was wounded as a puppy and, by random chance, literally ended up on my doorstep. I took him in and he has been with me and my family ever since. I occassionally post pics of him on Twitter.

Fuzzy Death Machine was also his nickname as a 5 month puppy. He used to tear up our furniture constantly. But how can you get mad at that face?
You post a lot of political and comedy stuff on your Twitter/Facebook page. Are you an activist of some kind?
I've always had the spirit of an activist, usually expressed through music. I have written about many controversial topics throughout my career include gay rights, war protests, anti-animal cruelty, freedom of speech, secularism, and lots of other stuff. I find a lot of inspiration in life and feel that as a human being I should help leave a positive mark on the world in my short time here.

Also I've used humor for decades as a coping method for dealing with life. I occassionally attempt to combine the two. Rarely am I funny.
How can I contact you?
Twitter, on Facebook, and via email:
You said something I don't like. I want you to apologize.
That's the spirit! It's good to want things.
Where can I see and hear your other work?
See videos below and audio player to the right.

Also you can listen to A Fallen Mind for free on Spotify or at our
official web.
MY OTHER WORK (beyond Fuzzy Death Machine)
WHO:   Bryce Kain
WHAT:   Dance Metal
WHERE:   Los Angeles, California
WHEN:   October 2014
Static X   The Prodigy
Ministry   KMFDM
My Life with
the Thrill
Kill Kult
  Rob Zombie
Inch Nails
Und Gretyl
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